Sr Network Engineer

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Post Date: 02/07/2017 Job ID: 43451 Industry: Network Engineer


  • Install, configure, operate, maintain and support network infrastructure:
    • Optical Transport Network (DWDM) network elements
    • Carrier Ethernet Switching
    • IP Routing
    • Network service appliances and solutions (e.g. Firewall, load balancers, IPSec/VPN, etc)
  • Install, configure, operate and maintain systems infrastructure:
    • x86 hardware/system acquisition, setup, and installation
    • LINUX (e.g. Ubuntu) Operating System installation and administration
    • Comprehensive service software installation, operation, management for LAMP and other operations essentials (e.g. DNS, Postfix/Courier, etc)
  • Install configure, operate and maintain virtual system and solution infrastructure
    • Virtual environment suites/tools (e.g. OpenStack, Proxmox, VirtualBox)
    • Create and deploy scalable virtual OS virtual tenant instances
    • Create and deploy custom virtual network tools (e.g. virtual firewall) and solutions
  • Design and deploy logical networking infrastructure
    • Develop and deploy custom routing policies and infrastructure, MEF services, etc.
  • Create and maintain procedures and process documentation
  • Design, author, and deploy custom scripts or other programmatic applications
  • Monitor performance and operations of all network and systems infrastructure
  • Design, document, configure and implement custom internetworking and systems solutions with existing infrastructure and components
  • Perform network maintenance and system upgrades including service packs, patches, hot fixes and security configurations
  • Design and deploy capacity management policies and procedures
  • Be on call to comprehensive support and troubleshooting to resolve issues
  • Interact with vendors, service providers, customers and other 3rd parties in support of network and systems solutions

  1. Formal education in computer science, software development, network operations, or related discipline with a suitable degree granted (e.g. BS/BA/MS, etc)
    • Industry certifications (e.g. CCIE) a plus, but not required, nor solely sufficient
    • Security certifications (e.g. CISSP) a plus, but not required, nor solely sufficient
  2. Demonstrable network deployment, operations and troubleshooting experience in each of the following areas:
    • Optical Transport Network OAM&P (e.g. xWDM systems)
    • Carrier Ethernet Switching, including MEF services
    • IP Routing, including implementation of external and internal policies/peering
    • Virtual and appliance network service devices (e.g. firewall, load balancer, storage)
  3. Demonstrable system deployment, operations and troubleshooting experience with Ubuntu, including hard and virtual installations
    • Other LINUX/UNIX-based operating systems a plus
    • Other OS experience (e.g. Windows) a plus, but not required, nor solely sufficient
  4. Demonstrable and proficient system utility and application deployment, operations and troubleshooting experience in each of the following areas
    • LINUX-based LAMP, and other system utilities/essentials
    • 3rd party applications
    • OS systems tools, commands, utilities, monitoring applications, diagnostic tools, configuration management tools, and performance analysis tools, etc
  5. Deep understanding of networking fundamentals, protocols and operations at:
    • L0/1:  Physical fiber plant, cabling infrastructure, xWDM, OTN, etc
    • L2: MEF, 802.everything, VPLS, MPLS, TE, etc;
    • L3: All interior and exterior routing protocols, IP network design/deployment, AS operations, etc
    • L4+:  Network services and user applications
  6. Demonstrable understanding of Information Security Certifications and Compliances including ISO 27001, HIPAA, PCI, etc.
  7. Demonstrable comfort with physical hardware and custom solutions:
    • Assembly/disassembly of various hardware, systems, components, etc, to modify, repair, customize or otherwise enable service
    • Installation/mounting of new systems;  decommissioning of obsolete systems
    • Experience with personally developed hardware+software solutions is coveted
  8. Business/professional level written and oral communications skills
  9. Demonstrable experience with OpenSource tools and software
    • For virtualization (e.g. OpenStack)
      • VMWare experience a plus, but not required, nor solely sufficient
    • For other network and system operations
  10. Ability to convey technical requirements and concepts to technical and non-technical clients, vendors, and corporate audience
  11. Ability to lead, vet and tutor others in all described areas

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